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Who is Jaybob?
Jaybob is a Team of unknown people across the world that works as a Team by compressing and ripping movies in compatible format with excellent high quality visual scenes. Jaybob Torrents are only posted on IsoHunt & Hexagon.cc
The best way to play Jaybob torrents
Some people have been sending emails to us on how to play our torrents. Here are some ways to play our torrents. By converting our torrents to DVD will truly bring out the quality of the torrents you download.
ConvertXtoDVD is one of the most simplest converting software for new users. It can convert avi to DVD as well burn it on to a blank DVD.
Follow these steps on how to convert an avi file to DVD using ConvertXtoDVD Converter
Step 1. Put a blank DVD in your DVD Burner.

Step 2. Open ConvertXtoDVD. You will see a screen that looks like this "Image Top"

Step 3. Select the button marked 1 and locate the Torrent you would like to burn to DVD.

Step 4. When you have added the Torrent you will see some information added to the box to the left of the add button.

Step 5. Select Convert number 2 and it will start to convert your avi file to DVD and burn the DVD image to the blank DVD you put into your DVD Burner.

That is it.
You can find a copy of ConvertXtoDVD on our website at Converting Software. It is free and comes with a keygen.
How to burn a avi file to a plank DVD as DivX using Nero
In this process we will explain how to burn an avi file with Nero. This file will only work with DivX DVD Players. If you have DivX located on the DVD Player it will play a Data DVD.
You can find a copy of Nero on IsoHunt. Please make sure you read the comments first before you download your copy of Nero. For the cost of $20 it’s would be beneficial to buy a true copy of Nero online.
Open “Nero Express” In "Start" - "All Programs" - "Nero" - "data" Finally "Nero Express"

Highlight “Data” and pick “Data DVD”

Left click on “Add” Locate the torrent file or files you would like burn. Note you can add as many avi files to this burn as long you have enough room on the blank DVD. We would recommend 4 avi files per DVD, and then left click on “Add” for each avi file you would like to add to the burn.

Now that the files have been added close the “Add Files and folders” By left clicking on “Cancel”.

You will notice that you will see several of files added and that you’re bare at the bottom is showing the space you will us on the DVD Disk. Now Left click on “Next”

Make sure you have the proper size DVD in your Burning Rom and let Nero pick the burning speed. This is very important because Nero will automatically pick the proper speed. Some people will beg to differ because the slower the speed the better. Wrong, you will notice that sometimes the movie will not work in ones DVD Player while burning at slow speeds. Now left click on “Burn” and wait till Nero finishes the burning process by waiting for your Burning Rom to open on its own.

You are all done and now enjoy your movie.

This is a few of the simplest ways to convert torrents to DVD and to burn your DVD file to a DVD. There are many other ways to do the same process but to make it simple we have chosen the two mentioned programs. If you need more help please forward all your questions to our “Need Help ask us” Page and one of our Team members will answer any question you may have within 24 Hours.
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